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May 23 2018

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CAP Reverse Big Bang FIC/ART

It’s Heeeeeeeeeere!

Guys! @deepspaceprincess wrote an EPIC fanfic based on my art above. Head thee over that way and check it out and give her the love. She worked her darn butt off writing this masterpiece. Awesome teamwork, and such a gem.

They Say That Dreaming is Free (But I Wouldn’t Care What it Cost Me

Author: Deepspaceprincess
Artist: @nejineee
Relationships: steve rogers/ bucky barnes
Word Count: 12, 857
Warnings: None
Fic Rated: E  Art Rated: G

Tags: Alternate Universe-Soulmates,  Soulmates, Dreamsharing, Shrunkyclunks , CaptainAmerica!Steve,   modern!Bucky, Angst, Winter Soldier!Bucky, Angst with a Happy Ending, Explicit Sexual Content, Dream Sex, Memory Loss, Amnesia, minor descriptions of violence, kinda angsty sex

Summary:  Steve has been out of the ice for only a few months when the dreams begin. He meets a nameless man in them and slowly figures out he needs Steve’s help. But when Steve learns exactly who the stranger is, he is faced with a difficult decision: Kill the blameless stranger or risk his own life trying to save him.

Written for the @capreversebb 2018

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Hang on, I Still Need You [Ao3]
frostedgoddess | 20k for @lavender-lotion

There’s something out there, in the woods. And it’s so much more dangerous than a wolf.
But Peter and Stiles together… will probably spend more time flirting, actually, than doing anything about it. 

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So @stetervault reblogged my tags on that post of @thisdiscontentedwinter about Stiles having a familiar that’s a Chia Pet, and filling out that idea sounded like a better evening than yelling at the next installment of my Empathy Empathy series so that’s what I did. 

Blah blah disclaimer that it’s been a long ass day and I literally just say down and pounded this out right now so obvs zero editing has been done LET’S BE REAL NONE OF YOU ARE HERE FOR PROFESSIONAL QUALITY SO WE’RE JUST GONNA ROLL 

You Look Familiar

Peter watched Stiles.

It was a thing.

Not a good thing, or a bad thing, or even a particularly strange thing, given who Peter was.

It was just… a thing.

Peter watched Stiles.

No one watched Peter.

Keep reading

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Dogs before selective breeding. From top to bottom:

Bull Terrier 

  • Today’s Bull Terrier has been seriously impaired by breeding. They suffer teeth problems as they now have too many teeth in their enlarged skulls. Their mentality has also been affected, as they are obsessed with chasing their tails.

German Shepherd

  • Today’s German Shepherd, with their stunted hind quarters, experience frequent and painful leg problems.


  • Among dogs, the Boxer breed of today has one of the highest cancer rates. Today’s Boxers also have a lot of trouble controlling body temperature and are is liable to fatal overheating.


  • The Salukis of today has had their skeletal appearance enhanced, and it introduced a higher rate of heart problems.


  • They have a huge risk of back problems because of how we have shrunk and stretched them.


For more interesting posts

Pretty much every animal bred for the ‘race’ nowadays is deformed and suffering health problems that wouldn’t exist without human ‘help’. 

The older ones look so much more natural and in my opinion, better than the modern ones. And the health issues they have because of it. Ugh. How depressing.

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“There’s a great shot of me falling back from one of my sisters who’s just been slain. In my mind, that was my lover.” - Tessa Thompson

Thor Ragnarok (2017) dir. Taika Waititi

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A little after Infinity war

Finally Loki has some friends to cover his cunning ass

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Avengers: Infinity War (2018)


The beauty of loopholes:)




Angels aren’t allowed to kill humans, so will Lucifer be punished (or is he already being punished) for killing Cain and his men? Well, I guess that depends on if you see it as Lucifer killing them or not. 

We all know Lucifer is very good at finding and using loopholes and as I see it, there are plenty of them in that scene. So let’s have a look at them by looking at what happens to each of Cain’s 4 men and himself. 

Lucifer comes through the window, back into the hall. He knocks Man 1 down using his wings. 


Man 2 decides to shoot at Lucifer and once again he uses his wings to defend himself, making the man fall down. 


Man 1 then decides that being knocked down wasn’t enough, so he picks up a gun and goes after Lucifer. 


Lucifer grabs the man by his gun and instead of killing Lucifer, he fires at his own friends, killing Man 3.


Lucifer throws Man 1 against a pillar, and he goes down hard. 


Man 4 decides it’s his time to fire at Lucifer that once again uses his wings to make the man fall over. Man 4 then gets up and runs away and I assume that’s what Man 2 did as well as we don’t see him again. That leaves us with Lucifer and Cain. 


And let’s face it, Cain stabbed himself.  


Yes, Lucifer broke his hand to do it, but it was still Cain holding the blade as it went into his chest.


So basically, using this kind of reasoning, Lucifer’s not guilty of killing any of Cain’s men or even Cain himself. The man that hit the pillar is the only possible victim and for all we know, he might just have had the wind knocked out of him, making him hurt and not dead. 

Whether it passes the loophole sniff test or not though, Lucifer clearly feels he killed Cain or he wouldn’t have the Devil face back.

Yes, there are ways to justify murder, at least from a legal POW as someone pointed out and Lucifer obviously got his Devil face back but I’m not sure it is as easy as guilt over killing Cain as I seriously doubt Lucifer has any issues with that at all, except for possibly feeling guilt over hurting Chloe in some way by doing it and I’m not even sure Lucifer is aware he’s wearing his face when Chloe walks down those stairs.

Lucifer thinks Amenadiel has figured something out with the whole punishing themselves deal, but Amenadiel has been wrong before and if Cain really felt no guilt over killing Abel, how was God able to punish him with immortality if Cain was the one punishing himself in the first place? So obviously something else is needed as well. And I think that component is faith or belief, if you prefer that word, and in this case Chloe finally believing that Lucifer might actually be the devil because how on earth did they end up on that roof unless he can do things no man can?

And that is probably only part of the story as I can’t explain why Lucifer wouldn’t feel his Devil face coming back. Perhaps a bit of Dad, a bit of Chloe, and a bit of Lucifer mixed together is needed?








I have had this on my mind for days, someone please help:

Why are dogs dogs?

I mean, how do we see a pug and then a husky and understand that both are dogs? I’m pretty sure I’ve never seen a picture of a breed of dog I hadn’t seen before and wondered what animal it was.

Do you want the Big Answer or the Small Answers cos I have a feeling this is about to get Intense

Oooh okay are YOU gonna answer this, hang on I need to get some snacks and make sure the phone is off.

The short answer is “because they’re statistically unlikely to be anything else.”

The long question is “given the extreme diversity of morphology in dogs, with many subsets of ‘dogs’ bearing no visual resemblance to each other, how am I able to intuit that they belong to the ‘dog’ set just by looking?”

The reason that this is a Good Big Question is because we are broadly used to categorising Things as related based on resemblances. Then everyone realized about genes and evolution and so on, and so now we have Fun Facts like “elephants are ACTUALLY closely related to rock hyraxes!! Even though they look nothing alike!!”

These Fun Facts are appealing because they’re not intuitive.
So why is dog-sorting intuitive?

Well, because if you eliminate all the other possibilities, most dogs are dogs.

To process Things - whether animals, words, situations or experiences - our brains categorise the most important things about them, and then compare these to our memory banks. If we’ve experienced the same thing before - whether first-hand or through a story - then we know what’s happening, and we proceed accordingly.

If the New Thing is completely New, then the brain pings up a bunch of question marks, shunts into a different track, counts up all the Similar Traits, and assigns it a provisional category based on its similarity to other Things. We then experience the Thing, exploring it further, and gaining new knowledge. Our brain then categorises the New Thing based on the knowledge and traits. That is how humans experience the universe. We do our best, and we generally do it well.

This is the basis of stereotyping. It underlies some of our worst behaviours (racism), some of our most challenging problems (trauma), helps us survive (stories) and sharing the ability with things that don’t have it leads to some of our most whimsical creations (artificial intelligence.)

In fact, one reason that humans are so wonderfully successful is that we can effectively gain knowledge from experiences without having experienced them personally! You don’t have to eat all the berries to find the poisonous ones. You can just remember stories and descriptions of berries, and compare those to the ones you’ve just discovered. You can benefit from memories that aren’t your own!

On the other hand, if you had a terribly traumatic experience involving, say, an eagle, then your brain will try to protect you in every way possible from a similar experience. If you collect too many traumatic experiences with eagles, then your brain will not enjoy eagle-shaped New Things. In fact, if New Things match up to too many eagle-like categories, such as

* pointy
* Specific!! Squawking noise!!
* The hot Glare of the Yellow Eye
* Patriotism?!?

Then the brain may shunt the train of thought back into trauma, and the person will actually experience the New Thing as trauma. Even if the New Thing was something apparently unrelated, like being generally pointy, or having a hot glare. (This is an overly simplistic explanation of how triggers work, but it’s the one most accessible to people.)

So the answer rests in how we categorise dogs, and what “dog” means to humans. Human brains associate dogs with universal categories, such as

* four legs
* Meat Eater
* Soft friend
* Doggo-ness????
* Walkies
* An Snout,

Anything we have previously experienced and learned as A Dog gets added to the memory bank. Sometimes it brings new categories along with it. So a lifetime’s experience results in excellent dog-intuition.

And anything we experience with, say, a 90% match is officially a Dog.

Brains are super-good at eliminating things, too. So while the concept of physical doggo-ness is pretty nebulous, and has to include greyhounds and Pekingese and mastiffs, we know that even if an animal LOOKS like a bear, if the other categories don’t match up in context (bears are not usually soft friends, they don’t Bork Bork, they don’t have long tails to wag) then it is statistically more likely to be a Doggo. If it occupies a dog-shaped space then it is usually a dog.

So if you see someone dragging a fluffy whatnot along on a string, you will go,

* Mop?? (Unlikely - seems to be self-propelled.)
* Alien? (Unlikely - no real alien ever experienced.)
* Threat? (Vastly unlikely in context.)
* Rabbit? (No. Rabbits hop, and this appears to scurry.) (Brains are very keen on categorising movement patterns. This is why lurching zombies and bad CGI are so uncomfortable to experience, brains just go “INCORRECT!! That is WRONG!” Without consciously knowing why. Anyway, very few animals move like domestic dogs!)
* Very fluffy cat? (Maybe - but not quite. Shares many characteristics, though!)
* Eldritch horror? (No, it is obviously a soft friend of unknown type)
* Robotic toy? (Unlikely - too complex and convincing.)
* alert: amusing animal detected!!! This is a good animal!! This is pleasing!! It may be appropriate to laugh at this animal, because we have just realized that it is probably a …
* DOG!!!! Soft friend, alive, walks on leash. It had a low doggo-ness quotient! and a confusing Snout, but it is NOT those other Known Things, and it occupies a dog-shaped space!
* Hahahaha!!! It is extra funny and appealing, because it made us guess!!!! We love playing that game.
* Best doggo.
* PING! NEW CATEGORIES ADDED TO “Doggo” set: mopness, floof, confusing Snout.

And that’s why most dogs are dogs. You’re so good at identifying dog-shaped spaces that they can’t be anything else!

This is sooo CUTE!

I love this!

@elodieunderglass thank you for teaching me a New Thing™️

You’re very welcome!

Technically the cognitive process of quantifying Doggo-ness is called a schema. But I wrote it a while ago, on mobile, at about 4 am, while nursing a newborn baby with the other arm, and I’m frankly astonished that I was able to continue a single train of thought for that long, let alone remembering Actual Names For Things (That Have Names.) I strongly encourage you to learn more about schemata if you are interested in this sort of thing!

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The Sun, The Moon, And The Stars


read it on the AO3 at https://ift.tt/2IAGg5g

by GracieBirdie

But as much as Peter longed to feel the blood of every last Argent on his hands a new plan was starting to form. There was something different about Stiles’ scent now. Something that hadn’t been there before, or maybe hadn’t been as strong before. Something that made Peter’s mouth water and his heart race. Something that filled Peter up with what some might call hope, but he called possibilities.

Stiles smelled like magic and Peter wanted.

Words: 1304, Chapters: 1/10, Language: English

read it on the AO3 at https://ift.tt/2IAGg5g





okoye: why was she up there this whole time?

me: marvel doesn’t know to handle their most powerful heroes. it took them six years to recognize that thor, god of thunder, should have the strength and resilience of a literal god. loki, also a god, used exactly one illusion against the mad titan who he just saw murder half of his people. there may be more to this story but that remains to be seen. peter quill is the son of a godlike being with at least some level of his father’s power, but not once did he use it. bruce banner is having performance issues, and now one of their heaviest hitters is conveniently sidelined. vision’s entire being is due to the infinity stone in his forehead, but he was injured and subsequently out of commission for most of the film. wanda maximoff is the only person alive who possesses the power of an infinity stone without using the stone itself. she can create shields, toss things every which way, and rip entire beings apart with a wave of her hands (for some reason, it would seem that mental manipulation is no longer a part of her skill set). yet she was absent during half the fight for the end of the world. bucky barnes didn’t have an arm twenty minutes ago, but here he is. clearly all available players are needed. however, later wanda singlehandedly stops thanos for a moment, as does steve rogers, which shows that these characters can in fact exist alongside one another on the battlefield without “watering down” the more extraordinary powers. in this essay i will

this take is extraordinary and we should also be asking why the fuck Stevie Strange never thought of just using one of his portal things to, idk, remove the gauntlet from Thanos’ hand, or just cut him in half and call it a day

After finally watching Dr Strange, I am even angrier because the entire point of the ending was literally just? Stevie redoing over and over until it worked the way he wanted. “Hand over the infinity stone or else” growls Thanos. “Rewind” says Dr Strange. Over and over until they defeat raisin-face?

Infinity War could have been 2.5 hours of wacky rewind hijinks are you for serious???

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Even if Lucifer’s own fitness regimen seem to be drugs, drinks, and sex, he still notices when people around him are working out and keeping fit;D

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baby shark do do do dododo do do

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Breaking news.

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had to get this out of my system

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“C’mon, Buck, let’s get this off too.”

“But, Steve…”

“We promised never to hide from each other, remember? Please, I need to see all of you… feel all of you…”

“Well all of me’s not here! I… I’m not - ”

“You’re perfect, Bucky.”

(Just my thinking that Bucky might be a bit self-conscious after losing his metal arm… I was also inspired by the reveal that Steve did visit Bucky a couple times in Wakanda prior to Infinity War! ^3^)


My Art /// My Marvel Art) *Please don’t repost(?) or use my art elsewhere without my permission, and don’t delete my captions, thanks!

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